Sweex Europe B.V. (sweex.com) manufactures computer related products. The Sweex brand does not put its main focus on the technology, but on the user, and offers the user a wide range of applications. The Sweex range distinguishes itself with an excellent price/quality ratio, dedicated support and a well thought through retail concept in the packaging line.

Sweex is active inside and outside the European market and operated from a head office in Delft (the Netherlands), an increasing number of local branches and an office in Taiwan. Sweex has about 40 employees. The lines of communication within the company are short, and the work atmosphere is informal. Sweex has a flat organisation in which working together in a pleasant atmosphere, a focus on service and thinking in solutions takes centre stage.


Sweex Mission

To produce a comprehensive, integral line of appealing, affordable technology driven products and components, to simplify and enhance the every day experience provided by new digital technologies, and as such, to take your life forward.

As a brand we try to incorporate in each of the millions of boxes we ship each year, our core values: affordability, reliability, user friendliness and the all-around good feeling that comes with buying an useful product that makes your digital environment more fun and easy.

Sweex, forward living.

Sweex Vision

As a company we work hard every day to be a flexible, loyal long term profit-generating partner, both for our suppliers and our business customers.

As an employer we want to provide an inspiring workplace where young professionals can share their ideas and visions and are challenged to participate in shaping our brand, all the while operating as a responsible environmental, economical and social player.