Al Otaiba Business Growth  

AOG through its companies growing its business year by year and its plans never stop on this respect, however, growth is a journey and we have taken the decision to put all of our resources to achieve this target.

Al Otaiba Further Diversification 

AOG and its subsidiaries shall never stop diversification, AOG plans to invest in various business activities, apart from what we are doing today, through proper planning, and thorough business research, and right partner, right product, right time and right market.

Al Otaiba Regional and International Expansions 

AOG, shall expand on more locations within GCC and MEA market, directly or through some of existing partners to achieve maximum  reach and larger market share. This plan is undergoing long time, but it will continue running.

Al Otaiba Partnerships and acquisitions 

AOG shall always look at successful partnerships locally as well as regionally and even globally. However, this kind of partnership, never stays where its now, or within certain brands we carry but it could go far beyond today relation, and some of the existing partnership may go to full acquisition based on business interest and requirement by all the partners.

Al Otaiba Social Commitments

AOG as always committed to support social activities though many initiatives that never stop to donate to charities and humanitarian organization, this is not only in UAE but all the regional states people who suffer war, starving and natural disasters.