Process Filtration & Water Treatment

The Envirogen Water Technologies Group is a 21st century total solutions provider in water treatment, potable water, waste water and industrial filtration within a number of key markets.



It is our goal to help our customers solve complex challenges related to water availability and quality, to increase productivity, reduce costs and help meet environmental regulations and sustainability targets. We help achieve this by using state of the art technology and innovative solutions that deliver consistently reliable performance at the best lifecycle cost.

The Envirogen Water Technologies Group brings expertise and knowledge through specialist business divisions across the globe, who specialise in key markets, applications or products



Group Capabilities Include:

  •  Process Filtration and Separation
  • Incoming and Process Water Treatment
  • Ultrapure Water Production
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment and Recycling
  • High End Consumables
  • In-house Technical Support
  • Design, Build, Finance, Operate Options






21st Century High End Filtration Consumables


With production and process costs constantly being driven down yet optimal performance a must, process specialists need cartridge filters with long life, high efficiency and low operating cost.

This is exactly what the Envirogen range of cartridges delivers. Whatever the filtration or separation need, the extensive Envirogen cartridge range provides a modern and efficient solution. Modern manufacturing equipment is used to produce consistently efficient filters at low costs which are engineered to meet the specific requirements of numerous applications.

Cartridges are manufactured using a wide range of depth and membrane filter media, with filtration ratings from 0.2micron microbial to 200 microns absolute. These filters can be used as pre-filters, final filters and sub-micron membrane filters, and are suitable for use in new installations or existing systems. Available in a range of industry standard lengths from 5” to 40” nominal with end fittings to suit most industry standard filter designs. This ensures that the cartridges can be easily and securely fitted into existing systems.

The cartridges come with local support, documented validation and certificate of Origin.

Water Treatment and Filtration Systems


 The Envirogen Group prides itself on offering a full range of end to end water treatment and process filtration plant. Whether it’s standalone plant you need or a site wide solution, Envirogen are able to support you.

Envirogen are your single point of contact for all your in-house water treatment and filtration needs. We design, build, install and operate complete systems; with in-house expertise and experience  helping you select the safest, highest quality, most cost effective solution to meet your requirements giving you greater productivity, efficiency and profitability.




















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