Rockbox RAW

AED 449.00

Rockbox RAW is the portable Bluetooth speaker built to rebel. Clad in a metal housing and equipped with high-efficiency drivers backed up by a passive bass woofer Rockbox RAW is here to blow your socks off.


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Rockbox #1

 AED 149.00

As the smallest member of the Rockbox family, Rockbox #1 delivers crystal clear sound in a portable Bluetooth speaker so colorful and compact you won’t believe your

ears when you hear it.

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rbrRockbox Round

AED 189.00

Rockbox Round is the portable Bluetooth speaker for those always on the go. Strap it to your wrist with its lanyard and keep your music close to you at all times. Rockbox Round delivers music for fun times.

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Rockbox #2

AED 249.00

With an unbelievable 10-hour-battery-life, the portable Bluetooth speaker Rockbox #2, delivers everlasting fun by giving you the freedom to bring high quality wireless audio to whatever you are doing, wherever you go.

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Rockbox Curve

AED 299.00

Rockbox Curve is the portable Bluetooth speaker that’ll suit up your music. It’s sleek and stylish. Regardless of what you play, with its high-quality drivers and passive bass woofer, Rockbox Curve will liven up any event.

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