Al Otaiba in UAE history

Al Otaiba name is known to be one of the oldest names in the history of the United Arab Emirates and has great affect on the political, economical and social life of the Emaratis. For hundreds of years Al Otaiba have built its name between the leaders of this part of the world as much as it was built among the people of UAE.

In the above picture, it shows the Late Sheikh Ahmed bin Khalaf Al Otaiba (on the left) and the Late Sheikh Shakhbot bin Sutan Al Nahyan the x-ruler of Abu Dhabi (on the middle) May Allah SWT rest their souls in paradise,  setting side by side at the signing of oil concession with the British representative. This shows the level of involvement of Al Otaiba in the political and economical life of UAE since 1936.

Al Otaiba Family

Al Otaiba family considered to be one of the highly respected families in the UAE, and has strong ties with the ruling families and other influential families in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This relation goes to many years ago, Al Otaiba family members were very proud with such relation and worked hard to serve the country and the people of UAE.

 In the above picture, it shows the Late Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Otaiba (on the right) and the Late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum x-ruler of Dubai (on the left), setting side by side and sharing this historical picture.

Al Otaiba in old days Business

Al Otaiba for hundreds of years were the kings of pearls, and known to be master in pearls trading in Arabia and trading with France and the Indian with over 85 ships on the gulf sea. The business have developed after the exploration of oil and then Al Otaiba groups of companies which have exceeded 70 companies covering all walks of life, all types of companies running from constructions, building materials, kitchen equipment, automobiles, real estate, to IT, telecom, distribution to mention a few.