Dear Customers, Business Partners and Friends,

I welcome all of you to the family of Al Otaiba Group of Companies, a  house of multi-facet technology, talents, creative spirit and knowledge acquisition.
We are in the midst of a technological and digital revolution, characterized by ceaseless creative innovation and change. The road to becoming a successful technology leader is not paved with easy path.

It is a journey started many years ago, only with the creative spirit and stern ambition to become a technology leader in the market which we achieved by strong commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. We have seized the opportunity by adjusting our strategies to quickly adapt to changing market trends, honoring our core competencies while seeking new ones, and sowing the seeds for success in new business models.

We must also continually remind ourselves of our responsibilities to our customers, our business partners and all others which are a part of our business. I am confident that Al Otaiba Group have developed a culture which is enduring and everlasting where the customer is at the focal point and I am sure that as long as our passion endures, as long as our fervor for creative innovation and challenges endures, the coming days will be still better and brighter as I firmly believe that the future awaits those who dream.

I sincerely express my gratitude to our customers, business partners and all other who have supported and contributed to our success.

Khalaf Al Otaiba
Group CEO